An experience : Silent Disco


Have you heard about those « silent parties »? There is no bass, there is no speakers, there is no incredible noise, yet you are dancing like a madmen and still can hear your neighbour talking to you.

What the hell is this? Simple! Party, with headphones.

In Poznan (Poland), I had the opportunity to try two times the silent party concept. There is no speaker, only headphones.

The concept is simple, you have headphones on your head, big ones, and you can choose several channels of music during the party, change between them as much as you want, looking for the best tune every time! The idea looks weird, and it is true that before you put the gear on your head on the first time you just see a swarm of people making the same noise as a public pool’s one. Weird. But once you put the gear, you start dancing. You cannot stop yourself. Your body moves, you start singing (okay, depends of the music) and you are ON FIRE!!!

Then. You start looking at your friend, they are pointing you channels numbers, now the best one is two, then three, then one! Ah not one, it is the polish channel, we don’t understand it Piotr, stop making jokes! The incredible point is, when you are swinging through those channels you start seeing who is dancing with you. Yeah. INSTANT-BOND-MAKING! (Works with girls but calm yourself guys, take your time to tame the beast). Also you feel really connected to your friends at the same time. The experience is so amazing! Truly, you are enjoying yourself. Most of the time, the headphones are free, you just take them in exchange of your identity card that you take back after. Truly it is amazing.

This concept is not so new, but I really found good value in it, I enjoyed it so much, I hope that if any one of you readers have the occasion, you will try it. This is MADNESS! As a hyperactive with ADHD, I was able to become the king of my own dance floor for quiiiiite a long time. Also I thought that this concept would really fit into marriages as they unite usually three generations: kids, adults, old people (more or less). So three channels of music in one party would fit so much!

Anyway, I hope I won’t be the only one to love it, kiss and love to yall!