Speak to your computer

How to make your computer obey everything you say – Dragon Naturally Speaking Experience


Everybody knows about Siri, this one software that will obey each one of your commands (or at least try), there are other computer programs mimicking this idea. Well, Dragon is one of the oldest – and still the best to me today.


While its first version – DragonDictate – was only usable for simple dictating (and by “usable” it meant saying one word at a time with clear insistence), today the software developed by Nuance Communications has become a powerful help to computer management.


“Dragon is the world’s best-selling speech recognition software. It turns your talk into text and can make virtually any computer task easier and faster. From capturing ideas and creating documents, to email and searching the web, to using simple voice commands to control many of the popular programs you use every day at home, work – and beyond.”

Nuance’s descriptions of its software is quite true actually. Once you have created your own profile and have passed the five-minute long speech personal recognition test, you will gain full access to a really easy to use software. No need to bother yourself with hours of command and going through tons of researches that will clearly get on your nerves, just simply say what you want. The program is automatically linked to your computer’s main programs and therefore should be able to use them. The speech understanding system comes also really handy for precise Word document use as long as you are not afraid of talking to your computer with direct commands.


The last – and most amazing – part of Dragon would be the program’s ability to improve.


Firstly, when some word are not recognized by the program – like brand names, but a lot of them are already incorporated in the program – you can simply use the command “add a new word” which you can type or spell and then will have to pronounce. Does not take too long and you will not need it that much. The software will also register any changes or particularities in your voice pattern every time you will quit it in order to make the user’s experience better (that is why you can create several profiles).

And then comes the command part. Dragon Naturally Speaking has several dictation modes, from “dictate only” to command mode whilst its normal mode will be also quite good at doing the distinction between all of them. And after the “add a new word” command was also added “add a new command”. So yeah, you can really use this to enslave your computer and make him work by your voice only (or nearly, switching between conversations for example on Facebook is quite hard).

Though the software is quite pricy for only 3Go, you should not regret the experience provided and will clearly enjoy this new way of working on your computer. – Works on mac and PC