Gooooooood Morning Heaven!

As you might know, Robin Williams died in his home this monday 11th of August. First reports are saying suicide, maybe we will know in the forthcoming week, but the point is: One of my dads is dead.

“Dad”. Robin Williams is the first actor that I have known and remembered at the same time. His  work has always been incredible to me, and – again – for me, in every one of the role he played, from the movies I have seen and remember, he has always carried the sent of fatherly love.

Responsibilities, values, he has carried a lot of those with him and opened my eye to the new world of laughter and humanity. Yes of course, he is only interpreting roles he has been given, he is being directed. Yet there is only one Robin Williams – and Robbie Williams has admitted to suffering from the actor’s reputation.

The movies:

He first made me dream with Hook, the working-too-much kind of father losing his kids, to then becoming the incredible peter pan, the father (and kid) you always dreamed to have or be. Then came Jumanji, a movie that scared me so much at the time, yet impressed me again with the incredible talent that this Alan Parrish – with this “I’m still a child” spirit – showed through the whole film.

I don’t remember Mrs Doubtfire much, but I remember being sad for the father and the position he had to take.. Then I discovered John Keating in the Dead Poet Society. Incredible work, the one that clearly reached me at my young student age looking for freedom. Heavy movie, but at least now I am striving to find my own barbaric yawp. Finally, Good Morning Vietnam put the final conclusion, I discovered it three years ago and I am still dreaming of finding a radio with an animator like Adrian Cronauer.

Robin William’s work has reached me since I’m young and continues to do so today. I hope to one day become a father like the one he was in Santa Claus. The news of his death made me feel bad, really, it was a heavy news to me as I see what I consider such great man fall.

Repose en paix Captain, I can only think of you shouting in the after life some kind of “GOOOOOOD MORNING HEAVEN”.