Love is everything

Bonsoir, bonsoir,

Random subject for tonight, only led by inspiration I guess!

Have you ever watched animes, comics… Do you remember all those series you have watched while being young?

Though I have been a huge geek and game player… There is only one thing that has always passionated me during all my years. Story. Learning. Growth. Human evolution and philosophical solutions they found through the years and episodes.

For someone which is not used to it, I’ll try to describe it. Through the stories that humans have created – and when I say stories, I mean the campaign of every games, not just the idea of fighting.
Through those stories, you will follow several fictional characters. Most of them following the “Candide” idea (the one of Voltaire): A “dumb” character learning what is all about life.

And that is the whole point of this post. What is life all about? What is this thing that makes us humans? What is humanity? What is our treasure? What is this thing – so important – that makes us different from any beast with strong intelligence?

Through life, you understand that life is not easy. That you will have strong problems. That people won’t be nice to you and make it a real shit. Really. But still you can succeed. But how the fuck!? Like come on, people are shit to you but still you can win your life?

That is when this basic – and seemingly stupid – answer comes up. Love is everything, Love is solution. You cannot know this feeling before reading a real manga or story. At that moment you will understand this “strength of love”, not before. But still, I will try to describe it.

Yes, life is shit, people are just egotistical entities if you are really pessimistic. But still, I believe that people are not basically wrong or good. I believe even more that people are only neutrals fighting in order to make their own way. But again, why fight alone? Why try to sort people as good and evil? Why try to decide if people are good enough to be friend or not? I believe that this does not exist. I believe that you can accept everybody… even more anybody and accept them as they are. It does not mean making friend with them, it does not mean forgiving them (for example a murderer), it means understanding others, living your life and enjoying the company of those that can go on with you.

I believe that love is the solution. Through this strong saying, I mean to say that anybody can be easily satisfied with its life, and can spend the rest giving it to others.

I’ll develop it longer tomorrow.
Love to all the orgasmus.


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