Good night to you my friends,

This article is an exclusive one that will be re-written in french. Let’s go.

Through continuous thinking, you might come one day with this deep question: What am I to do with my life? Is what I am doing meaningful? Cause if you really think (yes yes, some people are able to do it, believe me! ), you will understand that – once you forget faith – if your life is going to end, then everything you have done will have no meaning at all for you! It does not matter what you do, there will be nothing left of you after you die. Because you will have ceased to exist, there will be no trace of you, you are just dead! This one thought has killed my life.

It is one of the biggest source of my depression.

The answer is quite  simple though : You exist. That is a fact. You do not just live, you exist, even dead you are still present. You are part of the universe  (awesome eh? when you give it enough thought you have a lot of importance… But you are not the only one so don’t let it go to your head!). The universe is also a part of you. You are then everything and nothing at the same time – yes you are an ant, but you are still part of the colony. That means you never cease to exist. You have existed before going out of your mother’s womb, And you will still continue to exist after your death. And once you accept this, you are only one step awaay to this (yes I know, another one) question: Where do I exist?

YOU! THE BEING READING THIS! You cannot even fathom how much you exist. You are everywhere. You are the job you have, you are the family you have created, you are everything rising about you. You are relationships, you are changes, you are existence itself. You are all the changes you had and all the changes you created. Actually I would take this to one thing. Yes you exist, but also, your “human” existance is proof of changes. So yes, you will die one day. But everything you have done, every people you have influenced are still holding a part of you. A part that will be given to others over the year. It will not deteriorate. It will become not just only you, but also other people’s influence, other people’s existence. You will be a One in the Everything.  Once again. Believe me, you life is not wasted, your power is huge. So decide of your life, live, accept, change, become. You are everything. Nothing is true, everything is possible.

With love, Arthur

Ps: Here are two links. The first one to a zenpencils comic that I will let you discover. The second one is a speech made by Alan Watts. Enjoy it


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